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The Big Difference

The Crepe

Our passion is crepes! Known for our world-class sweet and savoury crepes, we take pride in creating an outstanding crepe experience for you.

We are London’s original Crepe focused restaurant but don’t think for minute that crepes are all we do! Whether its date night, a special family occasion or dinner in the neighborhood we’ve got a full menu and a team of culinary and service professionals whose only goal is to “Serve up the Happiness.”

The crepe, is a type of very thin pancake with origins in France. However, the crepe has traditional roots in almost every country and culture around the world, including Russia’s blini, Germany’s pfannkuchen, the Mexican tortilla and the beloved blintz.

Whether your first crepe experience was an international one, or you enjoyed your first crepe with us, we are delighted to share our signature crepes with you.

The Shop

photos by Rita Szecsko


Homemade Sauces

At Crepe Fun-Tastic souces are homemade and all made from fresh ingredients without any preservatives.




Dairy and Gluten Free Options Are available!

Homemade Drinks



CREPE FUN-TASTIC - 283 Upper Street, London, N1 2TZ


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